JISSN Impact Factor now 5.068!

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The 2019 Journal Citation Reports journal impact factors have just been release and the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN) now has an impact factor of 5.068.  This ranks the JISSN at the 94th percentile for Sports Science journals (6/85) and 85th percentile of Nutrition and Dietetics journals (14/89). Congratulations to all of the contributors, editors, reviewers …

Performing Endurance Exercise Prior to Resistance Exercise Promotes Greater Adaptations in Older Men with Sarcopenia

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Published: 27 June 2020 The Effects of Concurrent Training Order on Satellite Cell-Related Markers, Body Composition, Muscular and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Older Men with Sarcopenia B. H. Moghadam, R. Bagheri, D. Ashtary-Larky, G. M. Tinsley, M. Eskandari, A. Wong, B. H. Moghadam, R. B. Kreider & Julien S. Baker The journal of nutrition, health & aging (2020) Cite this article Abstract Objectives Concurrent …

Curves Cycling Diet Promotes Weight and Fat Loss

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Kresta J, M Byrd, JM Oliver, CC Baetge, M Mardock, S Simbo, YP Jung, M Koozehchian, D Khanna, B Lockard, R Dalton, C Rasmussen, RB Kreider. Effects of Energy and Macronutrient Cycling on Weight Loss, Body Composition, and Markers of Health in Obese Women Participating in a Resistance-Based Exercise Program.  Medical Research Archives. 8(6): 2020 Abstract Purpose: To determine whether adherence …

Cluster Training with 20-sec Rest Intervals Effective

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Vargas-Molina, Salvadora | Romance, Ramónc | Schoenfeld, Brad J. | García, Manuelb | Petro, Jorge L. | Bonilla, Diego A. | Kreider, Richard B. | Martín-Rivera, Fernando | Benítez-Porres, Javiera. Effects of cluster training on body composition and strength in resistance-trained men. Isokinetics and Exercise Science. Pre-press, pp. 1-9, 2020 BACKGROUND: Cluster Training (CL) is an alternative to traditional training …

Article on Athletic Gut Microbiota Published in JISSN

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Mohr AE, R Jäger, KC Carpenter, CM Kerksick, M Purpura, JR Townsend, NP  West, K Black, M Gleeson, DB Pyne,  SD Wells; SM Arent, RB Kreider, BI Campbell, L Bannock, J Scheiman, CJ Wissent, M Pane, DS Kalman, JN Pugh, CP Ortega-Santos, JA ter Haar, PJ Arciero, Jose Antonio. The athletic gut microbiota. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 17:24, …

Ketogenic Diets Promote Fat Loss but Reduce Muscle Gain in Trained Women

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Salvador Vargas-Molina, Jorge L. Petro, Ramón Romance, Richard B. Kreider, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Diego A. Bonilla & Javier Benítez-Porres. Effects of a ketogenic diet on body composition and strength in trained women. Journal of the International Society of  Sports Nutrition. 17:19: 2020. Abstract Background The effect of ketogenic diets (KD) on body composition in different populations has been investigated. More recently, some have recommended that athletes …

Calcium Supplementation Promotes Weight Loss in Post-Menopausal Women

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Latest Research from the Curves Health Fitness Research Initiative Differential Impact of Calcium and Vitamin D on Body Composition Changes in Post-Menopausal Women Following a Restricted Energy Diet Chad M. Kerksick, Michael D. Roberts, Bill I. Campbell, Melyn M. Galbreath, Lemuel W. Taylor, Colin D. Wilborn, Ashli Lee, Jacqueline Dove, Jennifer W. Bunn, Christopher J. Rasmussen, Richard B. Kreider* Nutrients …

Runners Needed for Performance Study

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Help Assess the Efficacy of Caffeine Alternative on Cognitive Function & Performance  Male & Female Runners Needed for a Pilot Study    Researchers in the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory (ESNL) within the Human Clinical Research Facility (HCRF) at Texas A&M University are recruiting approximately 24 healthy male and female runners between the ages of 18 and 40 to participate …

Strength, Conditioning, and Nutritional Considerations for High-Level Performers

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Kreider RB. Strength, conditioning & nutritional considerations for the high-level performer.  Kinesiology Review. 9(1): 31-40, 2020. Strength, conditioning, and nutrition play an important role in preparing athletes to perform to the best of their ability. For this reason, nearly all competitive teams employ strength and conditioning specialists to prepare their athletes for competition, and most teams have sport dietitians and/or …

NSCA Honors Dr. Mike Greenwood in JSCR Memorial

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College Station, TX The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) published a memorial honoring Dr. Mike Greenwood’s service to the NSCA and the strength, conditioning, and sport nutrition communities in the February Issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (JSCR). Click on the link below to read this tribute. Dr. Mike Greenwood: A Life of Coaching and Science