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S01 E25: Creatine for Health & Performance – Dr. Richard Kreider

September 15, 2020 – What is your perception of Creatine? Do you feel that Creatine is dangerous and shouldn’t be used by athletes? This is an ingredient I’ve personally heard mixed facts and false information about in my 20 years of working with athletes. Whether it’s a parent, doctor, coach, or athlete, I’ve heard Creatine can damage the kidneys, can cause dehydration, increases our risk for muscle cramps, and many other claims. From the Bro Science world, we’ve heard what their opinion has been on the best source. What does the science say about Creatine use for athletes in regards to the best type, dosage, and time to take? Does Creatine have clinical application for concussion, muscle weakness, and other diseases? Is Creatine say for kids or adolescent athletes?