ESNL Receives Research & Development Grant from Natreon

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March 1, 2019 – College Station, TX.

Dr. Kreider and the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab received a grant to launch the Natreon Research & Development Program. Natreon was created in 1998 with a mission to bring scientifically studied and tested Ayurvedic ingredients to the dietary supplement, personal care, food & beverage, and medical food segments worldwide, and thereby improving the health of populations globally. They offer a number of research-based specialty nutrients that dietary supplement companies can add to their formulations to enhance efficacy, performance, and/or support health.

Once IRB approval is obtained, ESNL researchers will be conducting an initial study evaluating the efficacy of Capros® and Crominex®3+ on markers of health in middle-aged and overweight individuals initiating a health-related fitness program. Additional research studies are in the planning stages.

Dr. Kreider noted “We are very pleased to initiate this research and development program with Natreon, Inc. We look forward to evaluating the efficacy and safety of their specialty nutrients and to provide evidence-based research so supplement manufacturers and consumers can know the impact of taking these nutrients on performance and health.