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Men and Women Needed for a Weight Loss Study

Researchers in the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory (ESNL) at Texas A&M University are recruiting approximately 150 apparently healthy, overweight to moderately obese (BMI = 25 – 34.9), recreationally active males and females between the ages of 30 and 45 to participate in a study.  The study will examine a weight loss formula with and without common stimulants.  Eligible participants will receive $200 for completing the study.  Five total visits throughout approximately a 12 to 15 week period will be required. 

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Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory (ESNL)
Human Clinical Research Facility (HCRF)
675 John Kimbrough Blvd, Suite #206
E-mail Ryan Sowinski:

 IRB Number:  IRB2016-0829FX, IRB Approval Date:  05/09/2017, IRB Expiration Date:  12/01/2017